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Swan Air Compressor SVP-202


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Technical Data

Model: SVP-202
Motor: 1.5 kW / 2 Hp
Working Pressure(kg / cm² / 1b / in²) : 8 / 115
Compressor Speed: 880 rpm
F.A.D: 225 l / min
Tank Capacity: 85 liter
• Compressor Blocks – 410 x 290 x 350 mm
• Compressor Units – 1000 x 440 x 780 mm
• Compressor Blocks – 25 kg
• Compressor Units – 62 kg


Scope of Delivery

• 1 PC X Swan S Series Air Cooled Portable Type SVP-202

Estimated delivery on 15 - 16 April, 2024

Swan Air Compressor SVP-202

Swan Air Compressors – Swan Air Compressor S Series Air Cooled Portable Type SVP-202

SWAN air compressor s series are designed with large displacement, big air tank, low oil pressure protection, powder panting air tank, to achieve durable and long service life

• Long service life
• 24 hours continuous running
• Auto/ Semi-Auto selection
• High air discharge quantity, Enlarged air tank
• S Series, Air Cooled Portable Type

Swan has a great range of Air Compressors for your selection to enhance your projects.

Interested to find out the full range and technology of Swan air compressor? Learn more at the Swan Air Compressor.


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