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Your ultimate destination for professional car care products. The brands that we represent including EPRO, KARCHER, SWAN, BOSCH and more, which provide a wide variety of product series such as car shampoo, car polish, spray paint lamps, tools, accessories, etc.

Our mission: Deliver excellence
At U Yee Marketing, our goal is simple yet profound which is to provide our customers with the widest range of car care products and professional supplies at unbeatable prices. We are committed to providing the best service and highest quality products, ensuring complete satisfaction with every purchase.

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Provide training for newly opened car care centers
Besides from offering an extensive product range, we also provide training for newly opened car care centers too! Our comprehensive training program provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they needed to achieve sucess in the highly competitive auto care industry.

Customer-centric approach
At U Yee Marketing, we believe that taking good care of our customers’ benefits is crucial. We understand that if we don’t prioritize customer satisfaction, someone else will. Therefore, we go to great lengths to ensure that every interaction with us is met with exceptional service and support.

Value team members
We cheirsh the contributions of our team members and strive to create an enjoyable, satisfying and safe work environment. Our core values ​​are teamwork and honesty, which guide us in every aspect of our business operations. We believe in rewarding team members for their efforts and fostering a culture of trust and integrity may lead to a huge success to our company.

Experience the U Yee difference
Our knowledgeable, friendly team members will provide you with the best solution for your car care project, whether it’s a large or small one. Whether you are a car enthusiast, care professional or automotive industry owner, you can trust U Yee Marketing for all your car care needs.

Join us today and experience the U Yee difference. Thank you for choosing U Yee Marketing as your trusted partner in car care.

Contact us for more information, or browse our product catalog to explore our extensive range of car care products.

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